Advanced Joint Supplement | Powder

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  • Glucosamine helps to rebuild and repair damaged joint cartilage so your pooch can return to their youthful playfulness
  • Chondroitin blocks destructive enzymes that break down joint cartilage so it helps to stop the problem before it ever starts
  • MSM kicks arthritis to the curb. It helps soothe the joint pain and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It can even help suppress certain allergies, such as food allergies
  • Omega-3 is choked full of health perks for your dog. It aids in reducing inflammation due to arthritis, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. It naturally boosts the immune system. In addition, it is excellent to promote a healthy, shining skin and coat
  • Our joint powder is perfect for those picky canine eaters that don't prefer a chewable tablet. You just simply sprinkle it over their food, give it a little mix, and it's good to go

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